Getting Started with Wireless

Freedom and flexibility without compromise. Our most affordable sensors connect directly to your devices.

Reimagine the classroom

  • Connect directly to Mac & Windows computers, Windows tablets, iPads, iPhones, Android tablets & phones and Chromebooks using Bluetooth®.
  • Same full-featured software and user experience across any OS
  • No need for an interface so no extra equipment to buy!
  • Long battery life - eases classroom management
  • Logging mode - perform long term experiments
  • In app pairing to easily outfit classrooms
  • PASCO quality backed by a 5 year warranty

PASCO wireless sensors represent the next leap forward in probeware technology. Powerful, yet easy-to-use, they provide opportunities for hands-on science that transform students into science investigators and problem solvers.

Compatible Bluetooth Devices

PASCO's wireless sensors work with a wide range of Bluetooth equipped devices. However, older devices, with previous generations of bluetooth technology, will not be compatible. For detailed compatibility information click here.