Try Our Wireless Spectrometer!

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PASCO’s Wireless Spectrometer is the world’s first wireless spectrometer that uses integrated light sources and a CCD detector to measure light intensity, absorbance, transmittance, and fluorescence. Schools have lots of options for using the Spectrometer as it operates with a wide range of computer devices via either Bluetooth or USB connection. The free Spectrometry software enables students of all levels to quickly record and analyze data.

Did You Know?

  • PASCO tests some of our products for durability by driving over them!
  • The Travel Channel worked with PASCO to measure the g forces on roller coasters around the world for its series “Insane Coaster Wars”
  • When Oprah launched her Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in Johannesburg, her team selected PASCO products
  • PASCO sensors have been used at the top of at least 2 of the 7 highest summits on earth—Kilimanjaro (Africa) and Vinson Massif (Antarctica)
  • A parachute maker uses PASCO Load Cells to measure the maximum jerk to evaluate potential failure points when the parachute opens
  • PASCO sensors have been used for over a decade by researchers to monitor coal mine fires.
  • The new wireless temperature sensors are already deployed in an unusual way—one research team has buried them in sea turtle nests!
  • PASCO has delivered professional development around the world and in many languages, from Kazakhstan to Oman, to Chile and Peru.
  • PASCO has attracted a small but loyal base of customers in the ghost hunting field… using our electrometers to test for “other” presences.
  • We still have customers using their 300A Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus, which shipped in 1967!
  • Researchers studying primate locomotion used PASCO Force Platforms in African forests—yes, highly portable and robust enough for gorillas!
  • PASCO was hired by the California Highway Patrol to teach officers the physics they need to know to evaluate accident scenes
  • PASCO sensors are used by Olympic training facilities in several countries in gymnastics, weight lifting, bobsledding and more!