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Wireless Sensors

Do you imagine students using modern tools that collect the data they need and stream it to any screen for analysis? Information gathered directly by students and at their fingertips? That’s our vision and it’s simpler, more powerful and definitely more cost effective than you might imagine.

PASCO’s growing list of wireless sensors are rugged, high quality and low cost. They provide freedom and flexibility without compromise for anytime, anywhere science. The power of Bluetooth Smart technology allows for long battery life, simple pairing to devices that is done in-app and based on proximity and allows us to offer a powerful logging mode for long term experiments. The same full-featured software and user experience across any OS. Real-time data collection and analysis deepen student understanding and encourage collaboration. Wireless sensors connect directly to all of your devices - computers, tablets, smartphones, and Chromebooks with no other hardware required making it possible to easily outfit classrooms and labs without breaking your budget. Stop imagining and start doing with PASCO wireless sensors! Click here to learn more.


Smart Cart - Four built-in sensors. One low price. Zero additional equipment.


Not only is the Wireless Smart Cart the most advanced dynamics cart ever created, but it is the most cost effective as well since it replaces separate interfaces, motion sensors, photogates, forces sensors, accelerometers and more by integrating those functions into a single simplified system.

The Wireless Smart Cart uses Bluetooth® Smart to wirelessly connect directly to your devices running PASCO software with nothing else required. Connect quickly and easily using in-app pairing.  With no interfaces or cables, set up time is minimal and any surface can become your laboratory. The carts have an amazing array of technology under the hood: wheel encoder for measuring position, velocity & acceleration; 100 N Load Cell to measure pushes, pulls or collisions; 3-axis Accelerometer gives acceleration in any direction and the resultant acceleration; and a 3-axis gyro for measuring rotation. Click here to learn more.


Wireless Spectrometry – Affordable & Cross Disciplinary

The PASCO Wireless Spectrometer is specifically designed for introductory spectroscopy experiments. The Bluetooth and USB connectivity enable use with tablets and computers. With this one apparatus, you can measure intensity, absorbance, transmittance and fluorescence, making this a powerful and intuitive tool for your spectroscopy needs. READ MORE… "Amazing enough on its own, but in true paradigm shifting fashion the PASCO Wireless Spectrometer presents the invisible world of visible light in the magical cartoon chart we’ve seen only in static textbooks for most of our lives. It's as if the dinosaur skeletons in dusty museums suddenly came alive and reacted to the world." Perform these labs and more with the Wireless Spectrometer.
Chemistry: Emission Spectra of light, Absorbance and transmittance spectra, Beer's Law: concentration and absorbance, Kinetics, Fluorescence
Biology: Photosynthesis with DPIP, Absorption spectra of plant pigments, Concentration of proteins in solution, Rate of enzyme-catalyzed reactions, Growth of cell cultures
Physics: Light intensity across the visible spectrum, Emission spectra of light sources. Match known spectra with references
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Advanced Lab Manuals

These fully customizable labs are based on the latest AP standards for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Questions are embedded throughout the activities, sequencing and key term challenges, opportunities to predict outcomes prior to data collection and post-lab multiple choice questions all help to make the connection between lectures and labs as seamless as possible. A single guide is all you need to outfit your entire classroom.