Award winning data collection and analysis software, designed with both educators and students in mind.

Data Capture and Analysis Software

Sparkvue and Capstone

To accommodate the diverse needs of our customers PASCO offers two award winning software packages. Both packages operate with PASCO's full range of sensors to record data, display measurements and analyze results. Capstone is available on both Mac and PC whereas Sparkvue is available on multiple platforms including Mac, PC, iPads, iPhones, Android devices and Chromebooks

Help me choose between Capstone and Sparkvue

Desktop Software: Mac and PC

Getting Started With Computers
Sparkvue is intuitive enough for young users but also features powerful analysis tools for High School and Post Secondary programs. Sparkvue is completely cross platform, providing the same clean interface and user experience on all computing devices.
PASCO Capstone was built from the ground up to be the most powerful and flexible data capture and analysis software available. It is an ideal option for High School and Post Secondary Physics program or any other user looking for the advanced capabilities it offers.

Mobile: iPad, iPhone, Android Devices and Chromebooks

The mobile versions of Sparkvue provides the same functionality and user experience as on the desktop and can be downloaded for FREE from the devices APP store