What our educational partners are saying about us!

A big thanks for all the help and support you provided

I want to take some time to say a big thanks for all the help and support you provided me to select the best equipment in order to make the best possible use of the funds available. It is really exceptional that you happily connected with me multiple times even during the weekend and was always motivated to help. Please accept my big thanks for this.

Gurpreet Sidhu
University Instructor
University College of North
The Pas, MB

Wireless Spectrometer Big Hit With Students

PASCO’s wireless spectrometer has been utilized very well by our earth science and physical science teachers. It’s an excellent piece of equipment and we have very much enjoyed its addition to enriching our classroom. It definitely brings students to a higher level of understanding wave interaction at a molecular level.

Matt Tumbach, Science Coordinator, Secondary Instructional Technology Leader
Tommy Douglas Collegiate, Saskatoon, SK

"Excellent" Smart Cart

I thought the cart was excellent. The quick sampling rate for force will be very useful for momentum and collision labs we do. I'm recommending we include this in our order for next school year.

Reed Jeffrey, Science Department Head
Upper Canada College, Toronto ON

"Amazing" Wireless Sensors

The new wireless sensors (Bluetooth) are amazing! I can set up an experiment in one corner of the room and have real-time measurements beamed to my tablet/projector for everyone to view on screen.

Stephen Fuerderer, Science Department Head
Byrne Creek Secondary, Burnaby, BC

iPad User and Long Time Customer

We have been using PASCO equipment in Physics experiments at St. Paul's for over 15 years. The ease of use and results obtained were great before but are even better now especially with the new SPARKvue app and the introduction of real-time sharing of data between students. The PASPORT sensors are literally plug and play and work on all of the interfaces. The ability to use iPads and tablets to collect data and run experiments opens up a whole new world of student science exploration. Thank you to AYVA for their wonderful customer service and support.

Linda Monasterski, Lab Assistant...
St. Paul's High School, Winnipeg MB

Impressed 850 Interface Customer

Out of all the data acquisition systems I'm aware of, nothing approaches the convenience of the PASCO 850 interface. Between the broad range of available sensors and the simplicity of starting data acquisition, a wide range of tasks that would be incredibly complicated otherwise can be automated in minutes ... We have dedicated computers and 850 interfaces at each station in our labs so that data acquisition can be accomplished easily by our students whenever needed.

Gideon Humphrey, Senior Laboratory Manager
Department of Physics, University of Toronto

Chemistry Teacher Loves PASCO Sensors

We love the PASCO sensors. They are great. We used the pH & temperature sensors in Grade 12 Chemistry last semester, and I have Grade 11 Chemistry this semester and am really looking forward to using the temperature and pressure sensors. Our math teacher has used the motion sensors as well. The SPARKvue app is also great, as are the additional resources including the free SPARKlabs and the YouTube videos. Thanks!

Edward Havenga, Head of Science
Mitchell District High School, Mitchell, ON

"Personalized and Professional" Customer Service

I have dealt with many vendors over the years, but never received such personalized and professional services as I did from PASCO Canada (AYVA). They took it upon themselves to ensure that the equipment fit both our academic requirements and our budget. They are very knowledgeable about their equipment and its applications, making our project so much easier to complete.

Laura Buchynski, Lab Coordinator
Lakeland College, Vermilion, AB

"Wonderful" In-Service

Thank you so much for arranging the recent in-service. It was a wonderful experience for all who attended. We certainly got a much better understanding of how to use the probes and how to work with the data that they generate.

Bill took a great deal of time to ensure all the participants knew how to start the programs, collect the data and store it for future use. His thorough walk through of the Chemistry probes was appreciated by all the techs and the teachers present. The physics teachers were especially impressed on the motion lab and the potential for further lab development. I would also like to thank Bill for looking at our equipment and making suggestions for future use (and the potential to use some of the old probes with the new equipment). It certainly was wonderful to understand the potential of the equipment we have. Our teachers are looking forward to developing our labs with this equipment.

Deb Stirrett, Science Department Head
Ross Sheppard Senior HS, Calgary, AB

PASCO equipment helps "Student Learning and Success"

I've been impressed by the quick and professional responses I received from PASCO Canada representative. I've been using PASCO since 1995 and their equipment always made our labs interactive and highly educational. Students were also excited about the professional knowledge and experience they gained using PASCO equipment. This helped us achieve one of our most important goals; students learning and success.
Dr. Kameal Mina, Professor
Computer Studies and Engineering Technology, Cambrian College